Jeep Designations

Date 1998/5/29 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

I was looking through all old the messages I had saved on my hard drive the other day and I came across this message that explained alot to me during my time of "Jeep Enlightenment". I don't know who the author of the email was, so"> drop me a line if you can give me a clue...

  • SJ...Wagoneers, Old (Big) Cherokees
  • XJ..."Small" Cherokees
  • MJ...Comanches
  • YJ...Wrangler '87-'95
  • CJ...C' know what these are
  • DJ...those cute little postal Jeeps
  • TJ...The '97 Wrangler
  • ZJ...The Grand Cherokees

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