Production JT in 2009?

Date 2007/10/30 7:52:13 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

One of our readers emailed us this tasty morsel:
Saw in Truck Trend Magazine that the new JT Pickup is being tested and is confirmed of a future production for this coming 2009. No name for JT has been found. Rumors it may claim a Retro-name such as Gladiator, Honcho, Scrambler or Comanche vs. a new name such as Brute. Too bad they didn't add Smallfoot, Blackfoot, Buckeroo, Rancher, Sasquatch, Bandit or Cowboy because it has a catch.

I don't get Truck Trend Magazine, so if someone can confirm this, that would be great. I searched their web site, but didn't see any references to the JT.

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