Edmunds Long-Term Test Drive-2007 Rubicon

Date 2007/11/19 20:04:36 | Topic: Wrangler

Here's a link to an Edmunds Blog on a test run of a 2007 Rubicon. The blog/report features some notes from Bill Burke and highlights some positives/negatives that this off-road legend sees with the Jeep.
Skid Plates and Vulnerable Underside
"The gas tank and skid plate hang lower than the frame rails and really dragged a lot on the rocks. The Jeep's plates provide plenty of protection but they hurt the break-over angle. The sharp edges around the slider mounts would get caught up on rocks, and that was when I had to use the Hi-Lift jack. The engine oil pan is very exposed to rocks -- I dented this one, and luckily it held up."

"All in all, this Jeep surprised me since the trail is a very demanding and technical route. Taking a stock rig over this tough road really is a true testament to the engineering and design elements for this long wheelbase four-door passenger vehicle. Good job Jeep!"

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