Live Chat With Jeep Engineers - UPDATED

Date 2007/11/28 7:49:39 | Topic: Liberty

The guys over at are having an exclusive online discussion tonight, November 28, 2007 with Jeep Engineers. The topic will be the 2008 Jeep Liberty.

You'll need to be a registered user of JeepForum to participate - registration is free.

UPDATE (11/29/07): The full transcript of the online discussion can be found on the web site. Here's a snippet from one of the engineers answering a question about what it takes to earn the "trail rated" badge:
For Jeep vehicles that earn the "Trail Rated" badge, there are standards that apply for articulation, water fording, maneuverability, etc. We did test the Liberty at places such as Moab, but obviously it's capability is going to be different than vehicles such as the Wrangler. We also have our own proving grounds with a multitude of off road obstacles to simulate much of what is found out in the "real world".

As far as comparison - we have a selection of vehicles from our competitors to bechmark our vehicles against, but Liberty is a segment that isn't directly addressed by many of our competitors - if you look on the Jeep website, most of the vehicles that are in the same size/price class as the Liberty are FWD based SUV's, such as the RAV4 and Escape...needless to say, those vehicles are no comparison to the Liberty from a capability standpoint!

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