Another 2000 Jeep Update

Date 1999/8/19 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The information keeps coming in from readers all over the United States about model year 2000 Jeeps. As far as we can tell, DaimlerChrysler has not made any official announcements regarding the 2000 line nor has the Jeep brouchure for the year 2000 been released. We'll let you know as soon as any "official" information is released from the mothership.

Here's what one reader saw on the 2000 Wrangler...

tow hook option includes three hooks - 2 front, 1 rear; 16-inch wheels on some Sport and Sahara models; different color choices. Local North Texas dealer has several Y2K TJs on the lot now, including some with third tow hook which resembles the GM horizontal hook. Also due to rubber pads on front of bumper, tow hooks are vertical so they don't stick out beyond bumper.

More 2000 Wrangler info as well as an opinion on the new colors...

16" rims standard on Sahara. I saw the new Silverstone on a Cherokee. It's gonna look awesome on the Wrangler. A few wranglers are available in this area - Pittsburgh/Monroeville, but I have not seen any of the new colors yet (Solar Yellow, Silverstone, or Patriot Blue). Possibly a new manual transmission on the five-speed wrangler's.

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