Quick Video Review of 2008 Liberty

Date 2007/12/8 8:33:00 | Topic: Liberty

The KickingTires blog of cars.com recently posted a quick video review of the 2008 Liberty.

It's by no means an in-depth review of the entire vehicle, it focuses mainly on the interior, pointing out changes to the Liberty from previous models.

The reviewer doesn't seem totally thrilled with the new interior - complaining how parts of it "feel cheap". He posted a full review a couple of weeks ago that makes a very good point:
The Liberty is the right answer to a rarely asked question. While the market for street-friendly SUVs based on easy-riding, unibody designs is booming, the one for lower-mileage, rougher-riding offroad types like the Liberty is dwindling. The one vehicle bucking that trend is the hot Jeep Wrangler, which was redesigned last year. With so many buyers walking into Jeep showrooms opting for that vehicle, will they even look at the Liberty? Jeep better hope so, because a lot of former Liberty owners are likely to gravitate to the competitions' cute-utes once they've seen the newly brutish Liberty.

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