2000 Jeep Brochures, Solar Yellow TJs

Date 1999/8/23 0:00:00 | Topic: Wrangler

We received lots of email over the weekend concerning the appearance of the 2000 Jeep brochures as well as numerous sightings (all over the United States) of model year 2000 Jeeps.

Apparently, the new 2000 brochures are available:

DiamlerChrysler was giving out the new 2000 Jeep brochure at Camp Jeep 1999. I picked up one at the World of Jeep exhibit.

There were many emails about the new Solar Yellow TJ like this one:

Wow! Today I saw a Solar Yellow 2000 TJ sport! It was at Kane-Doyle Jeep in Kenmore NY and it belonged to the owner of the dealer. I am getting ready to place an order for a 2000 TJ soon and was working with the dealer when I saw it. Photos don't do the color justice. I'm even thinking of ordering the yellow myself now. I also got my hands on a 2000 Jeep brochure and saw the great 5 spoke 16" wheels that are standard on the Sahara...but not available on the Sport at all! Argh! They looked GREAT! So go get those 2000 Jeep brochures...they're out!

...and this one...

I've seen several of the solar Yellow TJ's here in Indianapolis as well as one in Silverstone. I will be taking delivery of a Solar Yellow one myself on Monday 8/22. The dealer I bought from said the Patriot Blue was not yet available.


I received the new brouchure on 8/19/99. It has a couple cool pictures of a "Solar Yellow" sport. I was also shown one in the same color at the dealer.

Finally, we received this email about a possible delay in the production of certain Cherokees...

I just talked with a Customer Service Rep. from [DaimlerChrysler] and the 2000 XJ's with the 4.0 and a 5 speed manual transmission are still not in production! He told me they are not slated for production until October...

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