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Reader reports continue to come in regarding the model year 2000 Jeeps:

I have ordered a 2000 TJ Sport in Patriot Blue. This color was on restriction, but appearntly not anymore. I just called Chrysler and they told me it was almost finished with production and should be delivered in about a week and a half.

Here's a note that somebody dropped us regarding the Silverstone TJs:

One thing I can tell you is that when we picked up TJ the dealer said that the manufacturer has put a hold on Silverstone TJs because they cannot keep up with the orders.

This reader recently took delivery of a 2000 Wrangler:

I recently took delivery of a 2000 Wrangler Sahara. A black on black beauty. I ordered it in May, got it 3 weeks ago. I ordered every option except the rear lockable storage compartment. They offered me the auto trans. at no charge, I ain't old enough for that yet. (42) Theory is that Jeep may be coming out with a new automatic soon, makes sense to me.The difference in Sahara from 99 is as follows per the dealer.
1). The CD player is standard on Sahara
2). 16" alloy wheels standard (saw this on dealer notice sheet)
3). Different alloy wheels with the 30" tire option. Friends tell me mine are better looking
4). Different 5-speed, supposed to be better
There may be more, it's real hard to get info from the dealer. The salesman said the 2000 sales brochures aren't even out yet. And he only had one copy of the Mopar Jeep accessory pamphlet, he wasn't willing to part with it, even though it was from 99. Seems Chrysler is either not ready or dropped the ball on it's promotional stuff.
The only gripes I have about the Jeep are. The hardtop passenger side glass has a protruding seal gasket. The rep is supposed to be here (at the dealer) to videotape it for a claim on Aug. 26. Water spray comes through the area where the right front fender flare meets the body, about a one inch long area. The left front fender flare has a small and I mean small spot where the paint let loose. I can see the green under the paint. The windshield frame lower cross section has thin paint on it, I can see primer when bright sun shines on it. Also some of the paint looks orange peely in spots. But I noticed this on a lot of other new vehicles. The speakers are not up to the task (not much bass, tinny midrange).

Finally, in some non-model-year-2000-Jeep-news, we got our hands on this press release from Visteon Automotive Systems regarding their new rear seat entertainment system for SUVs.

Visteon Automotive Systems is taking its Rear Seat Entertainment System to a new level -- literally. Based on the success of Visteon's Rear Seat Entertainment System console version which was launched earlier this summer for minivan applications, the company is launching an overhead version of the system designed for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

The new overhead system is being launched to Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers nationwide first. Consumers may request this exciting and affordable add-on option for their Ford Explorer and Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Mercury Mountaineer SUVs. By the end of the year, new and current owners of Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC and Jeep SUVs will be able to put their family on the path to excitement.

The overhead system adds a television tuner and antenna, while also including the high-quality features found in the console version -- namely a 6.4`` LCD hide-away screen, videocassette recorder and a Nintendo 64 game system. The suggested retail price of the system is $1,849

The press release goes on to say that the system will have a 6.4 inch LCD screen with optional wireless headphones. You can check out Visteon Automotive Systems at www.eVisteon.com.

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