JT (Pickup) at SEMA 2007 and JT website

Date 2007/12/10 14:41:20 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

I don't think this got posted, but at the SEMA exhibition this year (October 30 to Novemebr 2, 2007) the JT pickup truck once again was there. There are a few changes since we last saw this little beast (spare tire mounted to the tail gate, and a side rail system for a cover over the pickup bed). It still has that interesting color though.

TruckTrend has some pictures and a video on the JT from the SEMA show.

There is also a website up regarding the JT.

There is still no official word that Jeep will build the JT, but having it at SEMA again this year means Jeep is still kicking the tires on this idea. Considering it is likely the Commander and Compass will be dropped in 2009, and since the military version (the J8) comes in a 4-door and pickup style, the possibilities are good. I know I'm saving my pennies for one .

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