Next Hummer Aiming for the Wrangler?

Date 2007/12/12 8:14:27 | Topic: Wrangler

The Detroit News has a fantastic article about the next Hummer - and how it appears to have the Wrangler in its sights.

The article focuses on a design competition within GM where several young designers were given the chance to design the next Hummer.
In its final concept form, GM said the Hummer HX, capable of running on E-85 ethanol, will provide open-air driving via a pair of removable roof panels above the driver and front passenger, as well as a removable rear roof assembly, allowing drivers to quickly convert from a closed vehicle to an open air SUT. It also features a slant back assembly removable doors and fender flairs.

What do you think? Does the HX have a good chance of eating into Wrangler sales?

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