2003 Grand Wagoneer, Philippino Jeep Driver Strike

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We posted an article a couple of days ago a possible full size Jeep being released in 2002-3 to compete with the Suburban and Excursion. Today we received some information from a source telling us that "the new full-size Jeep Grand Wagoneer will debut as a 2003 model year vehicle. It is being developed on the new 2002 Dodge Ram Truck platform. It will be off-road capable (if not, why build it?)"

If anyone can confirm or deny this report (or provide further insight), please email us!

Jeep drivers in the Philippines striked earlier this week in protest of higher oil prices - here's a snippet from The Washington Post.

Hundreds of passenger jeep drivers struck Monday in the Philippines to protest oil price hikes, stranding thousands of commuters, officials said.

No violence or arrests were reported during the strike, which forced local officials to send out government and army trucks to ferry stranded commuters home, police said.

Many of the drivers said they would continue their strike Tuesday in the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Bacolod and Iloilo as part of nationwide democracy protests marking the day dictator Ferdinand Marcos imposed martial law 27 years ago. He was ousted in 1986 and died in exile three years later.

In the bustling industrial city of Mandaue, about 90 percent of 500 passenger jeeps stayed off roads, strike leaders said. Drivers there were also protesting a new transport rerouting plan.

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