Video: Jeep vs. Hummer vs. Land Rover

Date 2007/12/19 13:05:00 | Topic: Wrangler recently pitted a Jeep Wrangler (CRD Sahara) against a Land Rover Defender 90 and a Hummer H3 in an off-road test that involved water and a lot of mud.
How do you sort the men from the boys in a proper 4x4 test? Easy; all you need is three of the most serious offroaders on sale in the UK, a muddy slope and a heavy right foot. And if you’ve got a video camera on hand, it turns out, you can make a fine video while you’re at it.

Autocar’s “King off the road” triple test, in this week’s Christmas double issue, asks a big question: given that us Brits can now buy a new, right-hand drive Hummer and an improved Jeep Wrangler, is the Land Rover Defender still the best go-anywhere mud-plugger on the market?

Get this week’s magazine if you want to read our answer to that question, or if you’d rather watch it – particularly if you like the idea of seeing a two-tonne Hummer with three wheels off the ground

The video is a bit choppy, but it is really well done and fun to watch although it does seem that the testing methodology and scoring was a bit more subjective than usual vehicle testing standards. Check it out.

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