2001 Cherokee Spy Picture Reactions

Date 1999/10/22 0:00:00 | Topic: Cherokee

Since we posted the spy picture of the all-new 2001 Cherokee from Auto Week magazine, we've received a ton of reader reactions. Here's a sample...

The 2001 Kj is, well in a word, Veryverydissapointing!
What is D.C. [DaimlerChrysler] trying to do? Aren't there enough "toy" SUVs already?
What is D.C. trying to prove? They can make marketing mistakes?
What about Jeep's traditional image of durability?
What about Jeep's traditional image of "Go anywhere"?

What about Jeep's traditional slogan of "Only in a Jeep"?
That will all have to change now... I can just see it....
"Only in a JEEP, ..or Isuzu, or Subraru, or Honda, or KIA..."

...and another...

From what I see it does not look like a Jeep Cherokee, but a Geo Tracker 4 door!!

Count me out for buying that, I'll go to the Jeep Wrangler. A Jeep is a suppose to be a Jeep, not a yuppie car that has been jacked-up by a back yard high school. It almost reminds me of a Dodge Neon that has been lifted. I hop that underneath all that plastic is maybe a solid frame, with real "live axles", and a four liter six yet....

...one more...

It looks like a cross between a CRV and a Rav 4.... Chrysler has ruined the Cherokee!!!!!

Okay, so the reaction has not been as positive as (perhaps) DaimlerChrysler had hoped. We here at mike's totally free jeep news are withholding our opinion until we see a picture of the 2001 Cherokee sans body sheilds. The one positive thing we think we could tell from the picture is that it appears that the rear doors are a bit wider. Stay tuned for more information as it comes in...

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