2001 Cherokee Spy Picture Reaction, Part 3

Date 1999/10/29 0:00:00 | Topic: Cherokee

The reader comments keep coming in...

This is disgusting. I sincerely hope D.C. will take current owners into consideration and get consumer results before actually putting this on the market. I will be embarrassed to admit I own a Cherokee it this hits the streets. This looks like a low-end SUV not a Jeep at all! I wanted to purchase another Cherokee and have them sit side-by-side in the garage and we wouldn't have to fight over who would take which car. At this rate I'd better keep looking for the replacement second vehicle, because I don't think waiting for this will be advantageous to any of the OLD or CURRENT owners!

PLEASE LISTEN D.C. ====>>> Don't kill the Jeep experience with this eyesore!

and another...

i wonder if they have thought about putting in round headlights,lol, that picture of the 2001 cherokee has to be a bad joke! i still like the old motto, if it aint broke don't fix it, unless you can make it bigger,lol, i hope that it was just a concept vehicle.

and another...

I cant believe they cheapened the Cherokee, how could they be so out of touch?!!! I wouldn't take one if you gave it to me, With a V-6 instead of the i-6 no way. I love the inline six, mine has 217,000 on it and still is strong.

and another...

Looks like a pathfinder and Honda crv mated and this is what was born.

and another...

That is not a Jeep. If they put JEEP on that thing, it would be an embarrassment to all jeep owners every where.

If you haven't seen the picture yet, here's the article.

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