Yikes - Tree Stabs Man Through Jeep While Off-Roading

Date 2008/1/7 20:14:17 | Topic: Wrangler

This one was just too bizarre to pass up...

The driver's words explain it better than I'd be able to...
I believe what happened was that my drivers front tire caught the tip of a fallen tree that was laying paralell to the trail and it kicked it up or turned it in such a way as to jump up a bit and i was travelling at just the right speed and and at just the right angle ( i think the tree missed everthing but the brake line before it hit the firewall ) to drive it through the firewall upwards between the clutch and brake pedal grazing my groin and hitting me in the left side of my stomach pinning me to the seat. It happened really fast and very violently and i think the driver behind me had a better view of what happened but thatís the best i can describe it. iíve driven over logs and branches before and never even considered the idea of one coming up through the floor. i guess like any time i get hurt i always think that i could have been more careful, but it still seems like a one in a million type thing ( everyone who witnessed the accident seems to agree ).

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