Full-Size Jeep Cancelled?

Date 2000/1/2 0:00:00 | Topic: Commander

The guys over at Car & Truck News are reporting that the program to produce a new full-size Jeep has been cancelled. Here's a snippet:

A source close to Jeep® manufacturing reports that DC has made a final decision regarding the full size Jeep® Grand Wagoneer development program. As Buzz Watch reported earlier this month, there had been heated debate over whether Jeep® should build the Wagoneer. One camp was convinced that the big SUV would be a major success. The other group wasn't so sure, they thought that vehicles high estimated price (45-50K) would hamper volume sales.

The doubters won, DC has just pulled the plug on the Wagoneer program. Jeep® will not be building a full-sized SUV based on the next Ram's DR platform. There is a silver lining, DC will port the engineering work done on Wagoneer to another all new full-size SUV.

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