Visually Stunning Jeep Commercial

Date 2008/1/9 11:05:00 | Topic: Sales

We found a beautiful new Jeep commercial online - there's no information if it will be shown in the United States or not (it was produced by a company in Germany), but it's very cool to look at nonetheless. has the scoop:
This new commercial for Jeep, produced by Deli Pictures in Germany, incorporates childrenís drawings into a CG environment. Itís an interesting experiment but the results are graphically disingenuous because the filmmakers made no attempt to reconcile the funky and whimsical world of childrenís drawings with the perfect physics and mechanics of CG. The piece would have come off a lot better had they attempted to create styles of movement that were honest and appropriate to the childrenís drawings, instead of simply texture-mapping kiddie artwork over a slickly produced piece of CG.

Click here to check out full commercial

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