Pre-1995 Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Voluntary Recall

Date 2000/1/24 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

DaimlerChrysler Corp. is voluntarily recalling 1998 and 1999 Dodge Durango and pre-1995 Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models.

DaimlerChrysler Corp. is taking this action on the Dodge Durango because engineers discovered potential wear issues on two parts following high-mileage durability tests. The straps used to support the fuel tank will be replaced with redesigned straps in the 1998-1999 Durango. The 1999 Durango also will be inspected for possible wear of the rear brake tube caused by contact with the vehicle underbody. The brake tube will be equipped with a rubber "isolator" device that separates the tube from the underbody. There have been no customer complaints or accidents. The two Durango recalls affect about 162,000 vehicles.

"Our durability testing brought these issues to light so we can make preventative repairs and help our customers avoid any future potential for problems," said Sue Cischke, Senior Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Passenger Car Operations. The Jeep recall affects the 1992-1995 Cherokee and 1994-1995 Grand Cherokee sold or operated in 15 states in the northern U.S. "salt belt" and Canada -- where road salt may cause the brake rotors to corrode and crack. To correct the problem, service technicians will install replacement front brake rotors equipped with a stainless steel hub section. A total of 89 customers complained about separated or cracked rotors, but no accidents or injuries were reported. The recall affects approximately 490,000 vehicles.

The action, which expands an earlier recall involving Jeep vehicles from prior model years, is similar to recalls previously conducted by other manufacturers who used the same brake rotor technology. (All Jeep vehicles are now equipped with full cast brake rotors.)

Customers will be notified of the recalls by mail and the repairs will be made at no cost.

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