Jeep Renegade Concept Debuts in Detroit

Date 2008/1/14 7:45:47 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

The Jeep Renegade concept vehicle will debut in Detroit this week at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). is reporting that:
Driving range is extended by a generator coupled to a small-displacement 1.5-liter Bluetec diesel engine. Renegade has a 400-mile range, and is capable of achieving an equivalent gasoline fuel economy rating of 110 miles per gallon.

While most electric vehicles are geared toward commuting around town, the Jeep Renegade is specifically designed for off-road performance. "With an electric motor powering each axle, the Jeep Renegade concept is designed for a ‘hang on and have fun experience," said Tony Shamenkov, Jeep Renegade concept principal exterior designer.

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