Wrangler Unlimited Reports from Winding Road Blog

Date 2008/1/31 19:27:00 | Topic: Wrangler

The lucky staff over at Winding Road has had a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to play around with the last few months, and periodically, they post their thoughts on the vehicle. Here's some quotes from the latest round:
The ride is, well, Jeep-like, which is to say, agricultural. It is nervous, busy, even on relatively smooth pavements. On bad expansion strips and frost heaves it does toss one around inside the seat belts. It never seems to calm down. This will only bother poseurs, however. Real Jeep people would worry if it was smooth and comfortable.

Iíve gotten pretty comfortable taking fast corners in big SUVs that have become more car-like in their handling over the years, but not so with the Wrangler. I respect the Jeep, and I lower my speed significantly when Iím behind the wheel. Seventy or so on the expressway doesnít feel unsafe, but Iím not about to push it much faster than that.

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