Chrysler Discusses Project Genesis

Date 2008/2/8 7:02:30 | Topic: Sales

(Hopefully it's not the same one as "Star Trek: The Movie").

Executives from Chrysler LLC recently completed an eight city tour talking to over 3,000 dealers about their new "Project Genesis" initiative.

From the Chrysler media blog:
During the meetings the company introduced a new corporate initiative, Project Genesis, intended to align the needs and wants of the customer with its product portfolio and the dealer network. With the overall goal of taking care of the customer, Chrysler LLC plans to align Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge product offerings in one facility. The company did not provide a timeline for the initiative.

As Project Genesis evolves, the company will work with its dealers on a menu of options to create customer-driven alternatives that align the dealer network with the product portfolio.

"In the end, we will have a more viable dealer body focused on the customer," said Press. "When that happens, the customer, dealer and company wins. That builds commitment, drives profitability and builds franchise value."

Only time will tell what exactly this means for the Jeep brand. Do you think having all Chrysler products under one roof will help, hurt, or have no effect on Jeep sales?

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