Overseas 4-Door JK to be Assembled in Cairo?

Date 2008/2/20 7:58:41 | Topic: Wrangler

The Arab American Vehicles (AAV) plant has been a long-time overseas licensed Jeep production facility since 1977; assembling the CJ 7 and CJ8, Wagoneers, J20, XJ Cherokees, YJ and YJLs, KJ Libertys, military TJLs and now the all new 2008 Liberty and Mililtary J8. Sources are saying that they will be producing the 4 door JK Wrangler for civilians in 2008. 500 units will be produced first to test the market.

AAV's main production facility is near Cairo, and it majority-owned (51%) by "Arab Organization for Industrialization" - according to their web site, the other 49% is owned by DaimlerChrysler, but as with the design of their web site, that information looks to be out-of-date.

Let's hope they decide to build the Rubicon model!

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