AutoWeek Trashes Compass

Date 2008/2/27 7:24:51 | Topic: Compass

Just like everybody else who has an opinion, Autoweek can't think of any reason to keep the Compass around:
Chrysler wants to pare its model lineup, and the most frequently cited example of why is this Compass. We can't think of a better candidate to disappear. Well, maybe the Aspen. Or the Nitro. Gee, it's kinda easy once you get started, isn't it?

Anyway, this Caliber-in-disguise is better to drive with the five-speed manual than the last one we tested (which used a CVT). It cruised along fairly quietly on the freeway, and it wasn't so coarse and buzzy around town--all because we got to choose how hard it revved and when. But it rides and handles like the too-tall econobox it is. If this is the driving experience you want, you're better off shopping a PT Cruiser or Chevy's HHR, both of which offer more utility.

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