Wrangler Dead Last in Consumer Reports

Date 2008/3/2 11:32:58 | Topic: Wrangler

Something is backwards when Jeep Wrangler sales are gangbusters and Consumer Reports scores them the lowest among all models that tested last year. From CNN:
Ride, handling, braking, noise, fuel economy, fit and finish, visibility, frontseat comfort, access, reliability
Consumer Reports performs off-road testing at its Connecticut proving grounds, but off-road ability doesn't factor into the final scores.

That's part of the reason the Wrangler Unlimited gets the lowest score of any vehicle the magazine currently rates.
While this might explain a lower-than-expected score, I was pretty surprised to see it at the bottom of the list.

Liberty owners don't have too much more to grin about - their vehicle was third-to-last in the rankings while the Patriot was 9th from the bottom.

The Hummer H3, FJ Crusier, and Trailblazer were also near the bottom of the pack.

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