Chrysler President Looks Towards a Hybrid Future for All Jeeps

Date 2008/3/6 8:09:10 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Jim Press, vice chairman and president of Chrysler LLC, last week made a comment how every single Chrysler vehicle is being designed so that it can be adapted to support a gas-electric hybrid powertrain.
In fact, Press's statement is the most sweeping endorsement of hybrid vehicles by any manufacturer - Toyota included - and it represents a huge reversal in attitude toward hybrids. Scorned as uneconomical curiosities only a few years ago, they are now solidly in the mainstream. Whereas 13 hybrid models were for sale in 2007, there are, by one count, expected to be more than 60 available by 2011. GM announced this week that it will offer at least 16 hybrid models by 2012.
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