Great Article on Fuel-Efficient Diesel Chrysler Vehicles

Date 2008/3/24 14:20:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

One of our readers (thanks, Jason!) passed along this link about how outside of the United States, Chrysler appears to be a leader in fuel-efficiency with its extensive lineup of diesel vehicles - the funny part is that they're all built here in the United States!
Chrysler is uniquely positioned among the Big Three US automakers. Unlike Ford and General Motors, Chrysler is already building a slew of high-MPG diesel-powered vehicles right here in the United States.

Amazing as it may seem in these difficult times, Chrysler is not allowed to sell those cars domestically, due to recently tightened emissions regulations. With the exception of the domestically-available Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel, all of Chryslerís North American manufactured high-MPG diesel-equipped vehicles are being shipped abroad.

Each and every one of Chryslerís European models is available with a diesel engine, with the exception of the Dodge Viper. In fact, a diesel engine can be found under the hood of more than 50% of the vehicles that Chrysler sells in Europe.

All-in-all, a dozen Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep diesel-engined models are currently available outside of the United States, but are not sold domestically.

Hereís the eye-opener Ö half of those models currently achieve 35 miles per gallon combined.

Thatís 35 MPG Ö right now.

The article is a great read - the fuel efficiency comparison numbers for the various Jeep models is very eye-opening.

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