JT (pickup) and J8 Test Drives

Date 2008/3/25 14:22:00 | Topic: Wrangler

Our friends over at JPFreek recently got the opportunity to get behind the wheel of both the JT Concept and the J8 (Egyptian).
I got to drive both the "JT" and the J8 Egyptian truck on a trail run with the Chrysler reps this morning. Tim Piele, Editor in Chief of CRAWL Magazine, drove my Cherokee hauling their camera gear and we got some really cool pics.

The Chrysler Guys were awesome, even when I picked a retarded line (intentionally) and lifted the front tire of the prototype JT up about a foot to make a bitchin' magazine picture. Definitely one of the coolest wheeling experiences I've had wheeling.

Check out the full thread for some pictures as well.

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