More Info on 2.8L Mopar Diesel Crate Rngine

Date 2008/3/26 11:22:36 | Topic: Miscellaneous

There's a lot of you who have been talking about diesel jeeps, so I thought I'd post this update to the previous story about a possible Mopar-branded Diesel engine that can be (relatively) easily swapped into later model Jeeps.

JPMagazine blogs have an update:
It's basically the same 2.8L VM Motori engine offered in the JK Wrangler overseas. Because of its industrial background (it's also used in overseas equipment) it should be easily swapped into older Jeeps. In fact, only a thin adapter plate is needed to install it behind any of the later 4.0L Jeep transmissions.

There's also a photo over at AEV's site.

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