Surf the Web From Your Radio?

Date 2008/3/26 11:13:56 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Chrysler wants to be the first car company to provide in-car internet access and an option. From The Washington Post:
The feature will be added to existing vehicles by dealers beginning this year and later be installed on the assembly line, said Frank Klegon, Chrysler's product development chief.

The technology will allow passengers to search Web pages using signals from mobile phone towers. Consumers initially would need a subscription to a wireless phone carrier to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

"We want to make the radio itself a WiFi port," Klegon said.

It seems to me that they'd have to apply the same safety features on internet access from the front seat as they currently have with DVD access - the car must be in park in order for it to operate, less we have a new generation of sandwich-eating-telephone-talking-web-surfing drivers on the road. Oh wait - maybe we already have that...

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