Camp Jeep 2008 Rumors

Date 2008/4/4 9:59:23 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We've gotten a ton of emails over the past few weeks about Camp Jeep 2008 and rumors about it being canceled.

We haven't heard anything from any official sources, but there is also a rumor going around the Camp Jeep 2008 will take place in late July at Oak Ridge Estates in Virginia (same location as last year).

Several reader who have contacted Jeep about this year's event have all received the same response: "we have nothing to announce at this time".

The official Camp Jeep site is still showing the 2007 recap.

As soon as anything official is announced, we'll post it.

UPDATE: 4/7/08 - User JeepXK just emailed me a link to this message from what looks to be BBDO (Jeep's marketing arm) on
Because we really want to do things right, the decision has been made to host the 15th annual Camp Jeep in July 2009. We know the last Camp Jeep will be a hard one to top, but the lead time gained this year will permit additional planning, and will certainly aid in producing a superior Camp Jeep event for 2009 resulting in a more gratifying owner experience.

I haven't been able to find this information on any of the official Jeep sites, so stay tuned...

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