Chrysler Spins March Wrangler Sales

Date 2008/4/7 10:07:37 | Topic: Wrangler

Jeep sales were down across the board again in March, but a post on the Chrysler media-only blog spins it to be a bit of a positive for the Wrangler:
In another case in which numbers can be misleading, the March 2008 sales of Jeep Wrangler lineup were down 36 percent versus March 2007. Bad news, right? Well not really. March 2007 Wrangler lineup sales were 13,397 units, the highest single month of Wrangler sales ever!

For better context for March 2008, consider the following: average March Wrangler lineup sales from 2002 through 2006 were 6,746 units. Now that we have introduced two Wrangler models, the March 2008 sales are 27 percent better than that five year average. Not too bad. We will face tough comparisons all year as it was one of the hottest vehicles in the industry last year. We will continue to be happy with Wrangler sales if we can stay around our five year average in an overall down market.

Can't really argue with that...

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