Mopar Unveils 5 Drool-Worthy Jeep Projects

Date 2008/4/9 16:04:53 | Topic: Wrangler unveiled six new vehicles - 4 Wranglers, a Liberty, and a Dodge Ram - all highly customized, all really flippin' cool.

The blog calls them the "Psychotic Six", and all will be featured in the August issue of Four Wheeler magazine.

Here's a quick rundown of the vehicles:

Hemi JK: This black JK is called the "JKL" and it has a 110-inch wheelbase, 37-inch tires, a 4-inch suspension lift and a lusty 6.1L Hemi V-8.

Dana 60 JK: Called the "All-access," this JK premiered at the '07 SEMA show, but it's being trotted out again to highlight a new mod; the upcoming "MILITARY-SPEC" and "performance-upgraded" Dana 60 rear axle that will be available through Mopar Performance.

Diesel TJ: This rig is an engineering mule that has been fitted with the 2.8L 4-cylinder DIESEL engine. It was built to explore the feasibility of integrating a diesel engine kit in the TJ vehicle system.

Cummins Power Wagon: Yep, they FINALLY built one! It's sporting the 6.7L Cummins diesel along with 40-inch tires, a KORE suspension and all the usual smokin' PW goodies.

J8 Sarge: Oh man, where to start? This ULTRA-COOL non-combat military support vehicle has a 116-inch sheelbase; Dana 60 rear axle set on leaf springs; a 2.8L turbodiesel engine; hood-mounted air intake snorkel; and much more.

Liberator II: A Liberty like no other, this KK has a rear ARB Air Locker, rock rails, brushguard, cat-back exhaust, 33-inch tires and a 2-inch lift.

Check out the blog for more details and photos.

UPDATE: 4/15/08 - also check out for additional photos and video (you must be a registered user of their site to view the videos).

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