It is Official: No Camp Jeep in 2008

Date 2008/4/13 6:17:54 | Topic: Miscellaneous

A lot of people's fears have come true - Camp Jeep 2008 will not happen. Instead, the folks at Jeep (and their marketing arm) are focusing their efforts on Camp Jeep 2009.

While we've been hearing rumors of this lately, we now know that emails like this have gone out to past participants:
We're getting the word out to all previous Camp Jeep(R) attendees that the
Jeep(R) brand has selected summer of 2009 for the 15th Camp Jeep.

Camp Jeep #14 in 2007 was the biggest, most successful event to date. The Jeep(R) brand and its hundreds of event partners are gearing up to make Camp Jeep #15 the best event to date. As always, you can expect top-notch music, entertainment, four-wheeling, vehicle displays, and interaction with Jeep(R) designers, engineers and more.

We will keep you informed as we have further information.

The final confirmation comes from the Jeep site itself - on the main Camp Jeep page, there is a big banner that reads: Camp Jeep #15 Summer of '09'.

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