5-speed Cherokees, No Official Word, Jeep Colors

Date 2000/4/7 0:00:00 | Topic: Cherokee

We've been receiving some reports in over the past few days about some updates to the current Jeep line. Several months ago, we received some reports from readers who had ordered 5-speed Cherokees only to find out that Jeep wasn't manufacturing any non-automatic transmission Cherokees (this was due to very little demand). We have now received word that VIN numbers and ship dates are now being received for most, if not all, of these previously ordered 5-speed Cherokees. If you have a 5-speed Cherokee, now might be a good time to call your dealer to get an update.

We also recently heard from a Jeep dealership that there is no official word from DaimlerChrylser about the future of the current generation Cherokee. Since this is the time of year when 2000 production is ending (we have word that today, 4/7/00 is the last day a 2000 Cherokee can be ordered and guaranteed to be built), it is a little disconcerting that DC has not made it official that the current generation Cherokee will return for the 2001 model year (although this is a widely accepted rumor). Where the KJ (the rumored next-generation Cherokee) fits into all of this will probably not be known for sure until the KJ makes it debut - probably not until next January's NAICS show in Detroit.

Finally, we have received word that a couple of Jeep colors have now been discontinued - Medium Fern and Desert Sand. The good news is that a new color will be introducedfor the end of the 2000 model year as well as the 2001 model year - Amber Fire.

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