Officially, Chrysler Still Debating Commander Future

Date 2008/4/18 8:38:00 | Topic: Commander

The Detroit Free Press has a good article about the future of Chrysler's lineup. In addition to providing details about the recent deal between Nissan and Chrysler (Nissan will manufacture small cars for Chrysler starting with 2010 models), there's still talk of "halving Chrysler's 11 SUVs":
"What I don't know is whether we'll have another vehicle called the Commander in the next generation," Klegon said.

Chrysler will look at the market and ask, "Is there a need for a Jeep vehicle that is three rows? If the customer says 'yes,' we'll make one. What I don't know is whether we just call it a Jeep Grand Cherokee or whether we have two body styles and all of the marketing and the things that goes with that, or do you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that's offered in a couple different ways? I don't know."

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