Chrysler to Tone Down Product Introductions

Date 2008/4/28 18:30:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Autoblog is reporting that Chrysler will be toning down its product introductions in the future - no more firemen hosing down Jeeps or cattle stampeding down Detroit streets or shattered plate glass windows.

Seems that Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli isn't a big fan of all the glitz (or the large budgets, no doubt):
All of these big debuts are meant to attract media attention, and that they do very well. But the word from Chrysler LLC CEO Robert Nardelli is that the party's over. Going forward, Chrysler will tone down its debuts to focus on the products and save a bit of coin by nixing the big-budget theatrics. Sources inside Chrysler note that Nardelli and his right-hand man Jim Press aren't into the pyrotechnics, confetti and glass-breaking debuts that have made Chrysler press conferences famous in the past.

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