Diesel Vehicles Still Cool? Not So Much...

Date 2008/5/5 7:36:52 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

With the recent spike in gas and diesel prices, the market for used large SUVs, diesels in particular, has plummeted.

According to this article in USA Today, the trade-in value for "anything diesel" has dropped $5,000 in the past 5 months:
The Orlando Sentinel says "Used-car dealers don't want the big vehicles on their lots anymore because hardly anyone is buying them. Some won't take them at any price."

Guy Lance, sales manager at Admiral Nissan in Pleasantville, New Jersey, told the Press of Atlantic City that he increasingly sees "people trying to trade in SUVs that are less than a year old." Lance added, "Normally, people don't trade out that quickly," but, "Let's admit it, when you go to a gas station and say, 'Just put $90 in my truck,' that's a little hard to swallow."

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