Diesel Compass vs. Prius - Flawed Comparison

Date 2008/6/13 7:01:53 | Topic: Compass

Treehugger has a neat article about a recent comparison by the U.K. publication Clean Green Cars of the Jeep Compass (Diesel) and Toyota Prius.

While the original article seems to indicate that the MPG of the two vehicles is almost identical, Treehugger (and others) have pointed out a major flaw in the test:
Reddit commenter nomopongo beat us to the punch, so we'll just quote him/her here: "The Prius does not use a conventional fuel tank, and because of this, you can't use the refueling numbers in order to calculate MPG, unless you do it over many fill ups. The Prius uses a resin gas bladder in order to minimize fume-related pollution. The article is wrong."

The Prius hybrid indeed uses a laminated resin fuel bladder inside its gas tank to reduce the amount of gasoline fumes that escape, thus reducing air pollution. Nominally, the gas tank of the Prius can contain 11 US gallons, but owners of the car have reported fill ups from "empty" varying from 8 gallons to over 12 gallons.

Regardless of the flaw, it's an interesting read.

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