Man Turns Love of Jeep Wagoneers Into Business

Date 2008/6/24 7:42:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous has a fantastic article about one man's love for the Jeep Wagoneer and how he turned it into a successful business.
Miller doesn't want to spend much more than $10,000 on a renewal project. He has a staff of five who work on the Wagoneers. Miller also will do a few Jeepster Commandos _ a smaller Jeep vehicle _ just to keep his workers from getting bored.

Aside from the renewals, Miller offers a few extras such as sunroofs, heated seats, stereo and video systems and alarms. That work gets contracted out to other vendors.

What Miller won't do is customize a Wagoneer with special paint jobs, rims or "spinners." His only indulgence is the word "Wagonmaster" in the trim just below the front windows.

"He does good work," said Phil Skinner, collectible car editor for Kelley Blue Book and Skinner said he's seen Miller's work at collectible auctions in Fredericksburg.

"As far as a collector vehicle, they hold their own," he said. "We're not seeing prices drop on Grand Wagoneers."

Skinner called the Wagoneer the "king of the SUV." He said it was an SUV before there was such a term as SUV.

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