Production J8 Shown in Germany

Date 2008/7/11 8:13:07 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

Carscoop has a good article and photos of the military vehicle. The J8 was shown off recently at Euro Camp Jeep in Germany.

The vehicle will be manufactured at a facility in Cairo and will be available later this month to interested governments. As of now, there are no plans to offer a civilian version.
In order to withstand heavy duty use, Jeepís engineers reinforced the Wrangler frame allowing greater payloads Ė up to a maximum of 1,250 kg (2,756 lbs.). Other improvements include the Dana 60 rear axle with heavy duty brake discs and a new air-intake system with special filtration and a hood-mounted air inlet that enables the J8 to ford water up to 762 mm (30 in.) deep and operate in sandstorm conditions for up to five hours.

Jeep offers the J8 as a two-door truck with an extended pickup bed or a four-door multipurpose vehicle. However, the J8 can be produced with numerous vehicle-body and seating configurations in either right-hand or left-hand drive. For example, the two-door version can be configured as a personnel carrier seating up to eight passengers

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