Chrysler Conducting Camp Jeep Survey

Date 2008/7/29 12:33:40 | Topic: Miscellaneous

With the lack of a 2008 Camp Jeep, many people are wondering what the future will bring for Camp Jeep.

Well, it appears that Chrysler is wondering the exact same thing, as they've recently posted an online survey for Camp Jeep 2009.

The survey seems to be aimed at figuring out exactly what people would be interested in seeing/doing while at Camp Jeep. Most of the questions were geared toward the various Jeep and non-Jeep related activities that have been part of previous Camp Jeeps.

There were also a couple of questions about the location as well as how far people would be willing to drive to attend considering recent fuel prices.

Here's your chance to complain about Camp Jeep 2009 (if you don't complete the survey, then don't complain!).

Camp Jeep Survey

UPDATE: Link has been fixed...

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