Pics of Updated Interiors for 2009 Compass and Patriot

Date 2008/8/11 13:41:16 | Topic: Patriot

With all the complaining about the cheap interiors in current models of the Compass and Patriot, it's not really any surprise that they'll get an upgrade for 2009.

Carscoop (via Allpar - registration required) got their hands on some information and photos of the updated interiors. From their writeup:

Few will disagree with us when we say that the majority of Chrysler LLC's vehicles are a huge disappointment in terms of interior design and quality and choice of materials inside the cabin. Heck, even Chrysler admitted it by announcing earlier this year that it will revise the interiors of several of its cars. And indeed it will as these leaked images of the 2009 Jeep Patriot & Compass from the 2009 Mopar Accessory brochure prove.

While there's no way of knowing whether Chrysler replaced the fridge-like plastics in the compact crossovers' interiors, the pictures do show that the American carmaker has completely redesigned the upper part of the dashboard.

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