University of Michigan Rates Jeep Dead Last in Consumer Satisfaction

Date 2008/8/19 13:41:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

If you're an optimist, you're thinking that there's no where to go but up. The American Consumer Satisfaction Index, in conjunction with the University of Michigan released its rankings for vehicle manufacturers and the Jeep Brand came in last place behind every other major automobile manufacturer for vehicles sold in the United States.

The Jeep brand scored 76 out of 100, which is actually up 1.3 points over 2007. Since the rankings were started in 1995, the Jeep brand has actually decreased 2.6 points.

Consumer satisfaction has never been a strong point with the Jeep brand, I think it is mainly due to the fact that many of the Jeep models are quite noisy at highway speeds, and the vast majority of Jeep owners never take their vehicles off-road.

You can check out the raw scores - you'll have to scroll a bit to get to the "
Automobiles & Light Vehicles" section.

Time Magazine also has a nice write-up about the rankings.

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