New Grand Cherokee Plant Hints at Hybrids?

Date 2008/8/19 14:52:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

When the news hit last week that Chrysler was investing $1.8 billion in its Jefferson North facility in Detroit where the Grand Cherokee is assembled, there weren't a whole lot of details. The juiciest tidbit was that the Grand Cherokee would be car-based. We just heard something a bit more interesting...

Edmunds Inside Line is reporting now that a hybrid might be in store for the Grand Cherokee by 2011:
Supplier sources told Inside Line that the investment focuses heavily on the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, in two-row and three-row configurations. The new Grand Cherokee will be powered by the new Phoenix engine, a V6 that is likely to be either a 3.3-liter or a 3.5-liter. The new Grand Cherokee will be engineered with "more space for hybrid components," a source said. There was talk about "Dodge spin-offs" to be built at Jefferson North, but one source said those "talks have quieted down."

As you can see, the article mentions 2- and 3-row configuration for the Grand Cherokee - this appears to be yet another indication that the Commander (also assembled at Jefferson North) is not long for this world.

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