Obama Had a Jeep

Date 2008/8/28 9:50:45 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

On the fence about who to vote for this November? If so, your worries are over, your clear choice is Barak Obama, providing you're willing to cast your vote based on what kind of car they drive.

Turns out an Illinois woman recently found out that her 2000 Grand Cherokee once belong to Barak Obama. She's now looking to cash in on her luck by selling the vehicle after the November election:
Murphy said Gossett showed her a copy of a title with Obama's name written all over it. She said she did not initially recognize the name but became excited after learning the young politician was running for the U.S. Senate.

She said her excitement was rekindled when Obama joined the race for the presidential nomination and she now plans to sell the vehicle after the November elections. Murphy said she hopes that if Obama becomes the new occupant of the White House she will be able to sell her Jeep for more than its regular trade-in value.
On a related note, McCain didn't know what kind of car he drives...

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