Autoblog Refuses to Hate the Compass

Date 2008/8/28 14:50:00 | Topic: Compass

Autoblog just published a review of the 2008 Compass, and despite the fact that they were prepared to hate it, they came away with a feeling that with a few improvements, it has some hope:
We had heard rumors of the lackluster interior quality in the Compass, and perhaps it was our low expectations that had us thinking it wasn't really that bad. Granted, the plastics that cover the dash and door panels are rock hard and unpleasant to the touch, but the construction and build quality seemed fairly solid. Those truly concerned with any quality issues will be glad to know that Jeep is offering a refreshed interior for the 2009 model year. We did like the dash layout, which is simple and well organized, and we loved the storage compartment on the dash in front of the passenger seat. We also found the cloth seats to be extremely comfortable and supportive. Oh man, are we starting to like this thing?

We still enjoyed our time in the Compass more than the nay sayers had us believing we would. Its smooth ride and decent handling make a compelling argument for a car-based Jeep, as does its excellent fuel economy. While we think the "modern styling" can use some work, we see the Compass as a vehicle with lots of potential, some of which is realized in the Patriot. But if Jeep tweaked the "modern styling", added a little extra power and vastly improved the interior quality, it would have an excellent small CUV on its hands. Unfortunately, those are some IFs big enough to drive a Jeep through.

Be sure to check out the entire review for plenty-o-photos and thoughts about their Sunburst Orange Pearl Compass.

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