Videos: Aussie Jeep-Related Web Show

Date 2008/9/4 8:17:13 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The guys down under from the Austrailian Online Jeep Community recently started creating monthly webisodes of their activities. Here's a look at their latest effort:
September 2008 webisode features some crashing about in the mud from Melbourne, the 'In your Garage' segment looking at Jeep Action Australia with Yumpet, a tour of Land Cruiser Mountain Park in Queensland and Pezz gives us the low down on flexing up your Jeep by disconnecting your swaybar. The 18 minute Webisode is separated into two parts so make sure you watch them both. Jeff's roundup gives you all the pre-Jamboree info you need to know before you hit the black stuff for the event.

You can check out part 2 of the September webisode along with additional webisodes here.

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