Pick One: Liberty or Nitro

Date 2008/9/8 9:00:22 | Topic: Liberty

The Toledo Blade is reporting that by 2012, either the Jeep Liberty or the Dodge Nitro will be phased out, according to Steven Landry, vice president of North American sales:
"If you put sales of Liberty and Nitro together, it's doing what we want it to do," Mr. Landry said while discussing the poor August sales of the two vehicles.

"As we move toward 2012, we won't have this dual branding," Mr. Landry said, citing a previously announced effort to scale back the automaker's offerings. "That's when we'll just come back with one branded body of those particular vehicles, instead of two."

Experts generally expect the Nitro would be the vehicle to be dumped and, in the past, said they anticipated it would happen before 2012.

Seems like a no-brainer, but then again, I run a Jeep news site...

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