Chrysler President Says Jeep Has Great Potential. Duh.

Date 2008/9/11 7:45:59 | Topic: Miscellaneous

From the now-tell-us-something-we-don't-know department, Chrysler vice-chairman and President Jim Press told a gathering of automotive writers that the Jeep brand has some potential:
The Jeep brand must not be devalued by less-rugged vehicles that don't live up to Jeep's off-road image, Jim Press, Chrysler LLC vice-chairman and president, told a roomful of auto writers yesterday.

"We need to keep it a genuine Jeep image, we can't dilute it by trying to sell out the volume of the brand on 'faux' Jeeps. We want to return to our roots and have trail-rated authentic Jeeps that have value," Mr. Press said during a speech here to members of the Automobile Press Association.


Commenting further on Jeep, Mr. Press said, "Our customers are passionate about their vehicles," adding that many Jeep enthusiasts have the brand name tattooed on their bodies.

"There's a loyal owner body, and it's not only here, it's international. We don't really have an international market coverage. Not only could we expand Jeep and make it a deeper, richer, truer product, we don't have to really worry about volume."

"The global opportunity for Jeep is tremendous," he said.

Check out the entire article from The Toledo Blade for more revelations.

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