Videos: Jeep Introduces the Urban Ranger

Date 2008/9/16 7:56:55 | Topic: Wrangler

Chrysler recently released a series of short, snarky videos aimed at showing off the Jeep brand:
These short, amusing videos feature khaki-uniformed Ranger T. Dail, outdoorsman hero, as he is reassigned to Midwestern suburbia. His job is to discover how city people use off-road vehicles. He uncovers some entertaining anecdotes as he questions unsuspecting Jeep owners about their lifestyles.

Truth be told, the "urban ranger" is a fictitious character created by the Jeep brand team, but the unscripted testimonials feature actual Jeep owners filmed in their natural habitats around metro Detroit. Check out some of my favorites: "Ali, He's a champ;" "When youíre feeling sassy, take it off-road;" "It got stuck in the mud;" "Youíve got video games in here?" and "Thatís a daily driver in this house."

The word is that there are going to be 40 of these approximately 1 minute videos.

Introducing the Urban Ranger

Why wash it?

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"It's like drinking a quart of lion's blood."

"Watch them in their natural habitat."

"I've pulled stumps out with this thing."

A little trouble with depth perception

"Nature's always with us."

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